Poseidon Pole Spear

We have ventured outside of the box to improve on the typical pole spear. You want more speed? You want more power and punch? We have it.

product Poseidon Pole Spear image

Poseidon Broadhead Adapter

We’re proud to offer you an adapter that allows you to hunt underwater with any over the counter archery tip! Save money, get instant kill shots, and take your underwater hunting up a notch with our adapter.

product Poseidon Broadhead Adapter image

Poseidon Pole Spear Extension

Made to give you a little extra length on your pole spear. Add one of these and you’re sure to also add a little extra mass/punch due to the fact it’s made of solid stainless steel.

product Poseidon Pole Spear Extension image

Poseidon Shwag & Clothing

Comfy and unique Poseidon T-shirts showing our triangle dive flag and trident logo.

product Poseidon Shwag & Clothing image